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With the many diffent online servises for having images printed and photo albums made, I am now able to offer my photography services WITHOUT the added cost of printing and albums.

My service a now hourly based and the client will receave a CD of all the images created during the event or photo session. The images will be color corrected and contrasted adjusted.

My clients will have to request any additional edits. Editing will also be done as an hourly rate.

My client will receive the CD within 7 to 10 days of the event.

If you are looking for a very experienced wedding and portrait photographer, and the ownership of your images, please feel free to call me at 610 405 4112

About: Michael Hagan

Michael Hagan has been working as a professional photographer since 1994 and open his own business in 1996. Michael is currently a professtioan photography instructor for many continued education schools, including Chester County Adult night school.

Michael graduated from Antonelli Institute of Photography, 1995. With additional studies completed at Drexel University and DCCC. Michael finished his education on both the Dean's list and Presidents list at all three institutions.

Michael's Specialties include:
Architecture, commercial product, sports and action, lifestyle and portrait, and wedding photography

Michael's Accomplishments include:
Over 1,000 events/clients served with distinctive quality
Instructed/mentored ~3,050 photography students privately and in classroom settings with accolades for “the most gifted teaching”
Extensive experience working with diversity representative of humanity: including various cultures, continuum of ability and disability,
Composition, production and editing of standard and high definition (HD) commercial and instructional videos
Michael's work has been published in many periodicals including architectural, wedding and lifestyle magazines.

Michael has been and still is photography instructor since 1999:
Michael teaches both private and group photography lessons.

For private photography lesson please call 610 405 4112.

To join Michael's online photography workshops and Meetups group, please visit:

Michael also currently teach photography for the Chester County Night School.

Please contact me at:
610 405 4112.
email me:

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